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News Detail - Rabu, 20 Desember 2017
Governor Pastika Invited Foreign Consuls General, and Stated Bali is Safe
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Writer: Bagian Berita

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika once again invited consul general of closed countries in Bali and explained the real condition of Mount Agung. According to him, this is an important meeting regarding much information about Mount Agung is not in line with reality. Moreover, the news has been spread to foreign Medias and also impact to the decreasing of tourist number of visit to Bali. He spoke while meeting with 34 etranger consul general for Bali in Wiswa Sabha Hall, Governor Office, on Friday (15/12). As representative of close countries, Pastika demanded to consul general explains to citizen that Bali is safe to visit. “Information in stranger media in particularly is not in line with the reality; it might caused by the differences of language interpretation. For example seismicity or vibration on the mountain was interpreted to earthquake or the real eruption of Mount Agung just removing white or grey smoke. So I hope you can give the real information about that,” explained him.

“The “danger” status of volcano just covers an approximate radius of 8 km from the peak. Outside that radius are safe to visit,” added him in meeting that also attended by Head of Tourism Agency AA Gede Yuniartha Putra, Head of Home Affair Agency I Gede Darmawa, and Head of PR and protocol Agency I Dewa Gede Mahendra Putra. Even he spoke that 52 of 78 villages located in Karangasem regency are determined as safety areas. For many tourism destination in that regency is totally safe to visit. “I think we need spread that positive news to the world, so tourist felt safe to enjoy their holiday in Bali,” added him.

related to the closing of airport, the first man of Bali stated that Ngurah Rai Airport was closed for 2,5 days during the three month of “danger” level. If airport should be closed due to eruption, Pastika is ready having an office at airport, and making sure all plans run smoothly. “All sectors should be well organized, including transportation, hotels, visa and immigration system. Even I urge all consuls general to open desk in airport and communicate to their citizen. Maybe we can’t speak well to the tourist, they are panic and angry, etc, so we should make them happy,” explained him. He ensured hotel and transportation to closest airport will be guaranteed if airport is closed.

Other than that, central government will also assist Bali provincial government if that situation is recurred. Coordinating ministry of Maritime has met with Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, as well as with Immigration office in order to discuss volcanologist disaster management. Closing that meeting, Pastika stated to participants that Bali always provides happiness, so tourist are expected always enjoying their stay in Bal regardless of its condition. (PM)

Read: 287 Readers

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