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News Detail - Selasa, 23 Mei 2017
Three of Bali Mandara Programs to Achieve the Award in 2017 Top 99 For Public Service Innovation
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

Three programs in Bali Mandara Programs once again achieved the prestigious award from 2017 Top 99 of Public Service Innovation that was held by Ministry of empowerment of State Apparatus and Beurocracy Reform (PANRB). These awards were delivered directly by Minister of PANRB Asman Abdur that taken place in Joko Samudro Sports Center, Gresik Regency, East java, on Saturday (20/5). That news was conveyed by Head of PR and Protocol Agency of Bali Provincial Government Dewa Mahendra Putra in his press conference on Sunday (21/5). Furthermore, Dewa Mahendra also explained these three of Bali mandara Program are Bali Mandara High School whit titled The Innovation to Educate Poor Children Becoming Gold Generation, The Free Speak Podium (PB3AS) from PR and Protocol Agency program, and Simantri (Integrated Agriculture System) innovation: Bali Go Green, Farmers become prosperous the program by Corps, Horticulture and Plantation Agency of Bali Provincial Government. Dewa mahendra also conveyed that the achievement is a form of the hard work by all parties and he expected for the future the innovation will be increased in order to give the first-rate service for balinese people. " We should be proud, because three program  of Bali mandara Program achieve three awards at the same time in the 2017 Top 99 of Public Service Innovation prestigious award. But, do not be complacent, we should use these award as a motivation to increase our effort, and also keep motivate in giving the best service to Balinese people, so the Bali whichs is advance, safety, peacefull and prosperous could be realized,” added him. Head of Local Developpment Planning and Research Agency (Bappeda) of Bali Provincial Government Putu Astawa who was represented Bali Governor also conveyed that the award is a pride achievement because from 3054 that were competed, Bali Provincial Government has succeed three award at the same time and also entered into Top 99 of Public Service Innovation. "Ministry of PANRB also appreciated the innovation of Bali Provincial Government. That success is not separated from the Leader role who innitiated the program as well as execute. Recognation of government to that innovation as well as become paradigm leap public service as a management foundation of development in order to achieve bali whic is advance, safety, peacefull and prosperous. The achievemnet supports us to always do the innovation in order to accelerate public service as well as to manage the better and more innovated programs,” added him. Meanwhile Head of Agriculture, Corps, Horticulture and Plantation Agency Ida Bagus Wisnuardhana who also attended the event and accepted the award for Simantri program, expected that simantri program could realize Bali as a green province and also increase the farmer welfare, as well as becoming a role model of innovation for other agriculture in others province. On the other side, Minister of PANRB Asman Abdur explained that the innovation in one governance is requiarement in order to ameliorate the performance as well as the quality of public service. Asman Abdur added the competition is the form of One Agency, One Innovation program that requires the ministry or agency and local government create minimum one program in year. “Big country will not necessarily win from a smal country, likewise strong country not always win from weak country. Who has the best public service, it will win the competition as well as the investment. So that award aims to push all parties to always innovate, and the good innovations are able to become a model both in ministry, agency and local government. We change the mindset from to be served becoming serving with the first-rate public service.” Added him. The event in this year was followed by 20 ministries, 3 agencies, 21 provinces, 34 regencies, 15 cities, 2 State-owned enterprise, and 4 regional owned enterprise. The assesment process took a long time, from 3.054 registered public service innovation through Public Service Innovation Information System application (SiNovik), then be selected to become 1.373 innovationAfter that step continued by desk evaluation by evaluation team that consisted of senior lecturer form University who also become assesor.
The result was 150 proposals with high score were elected an then handed over to independent panel team. The team then reviewed and chosen the 2017 Top 99 for Public Service Innovation. Furthermore, the Ministry of PANRB will elect 40 best innovation to achieve Top 40, the inovator should follow the presentation and also interview. Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika on 28 Avril 2017 has presented and also was interviwed by assesor that consisted of accademition and national figure like JB Kristiadi, R Siti Zuhro, Neneng, Wawan Sobari, Tulus Abadi and Refly Harun from Ministry of PAN-RB of Indonesia. The award of Top 40 will directly deliver by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in June 2017, along with 2017 that will held in International Public Service Exhibition (IPSE) 2017 Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). That event also attended by Minister of Social of Indonesia  Mentri Sosial Republik Indonesia Khofifah Indar Parawansa, Governor of East Java H. Soekarwo, representation of Ministries, Agencies and Local Governments throughout Indonesia.  (PM)

Read: 270 Readers

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