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http://birohumas.baliprov.go.id/ - Selasa, 15 November 2016
Meeting With The new Head of Regional Office of Ministry of Law and Human Right, Pastika to Remind Keep Away from Extortion
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika reminded the new head of regional office of Ministry of Law and Human Right (Kemenhumkam) of Bali Ida Bagus Ketut Adnyana to clean up the institution from extortion practice. He was addressed on the meeting in governor office, Denpasar, on Tuesday (1/11). According to him, Presidensial Decree no 87 year 2016 about the task force for eradicating extortion, has been regulating the sanction and pusishment for officers who proved conducting extortion. [U1] [U2] Immigration, he said, which also a part Kemenhumkam authority becoming one institution that necessaire strict supervision because the many extortion practice report, beside police and attorney. “I don’t want any OTT (sting operation) happen here in Bali, even though not in my institution. As a governor which is also the reprenetative of central government in province, it’s becoming my obligation to always remind                                                                                                                                                                                                                        as well as supervise the service,” explained him whoa was also accompanied by Assistent of Public Administration of Bali provincial Government Dewa Wka Wijaya Wardana, Head of Law Agency of Bali Wayan Sugiada and head of Information Collecting of PR Agency I Wayan Sukra Negara.

Pastika added beside eradicating sting operation, the performance of immigration staffs should always be payed attention, don’t be decreasing. “It involves our service to the tourism. Bali as a tourism gate away always getting an attention from the international world, our tourism image should not be tarnished because the lack perfomence of immigration, even less got the OTT,” added him.
Meanwhile others issues that mentioned by Pastika was the movement of Kerobokan panitentiery. AS we know that prison is overload. With 300 of prisoners capacity, It is now accomodating more than 1.000 prisoners. Previously Pastika had suggested Minister of Law and Human Right to move that panitentery to Suwung area in Denpasar. According to him, Bali provincial government ownes about 10 hectares of land in there and he tought it is representatives enough used as a prison, the distance to Denpasar is also quiet close. “And last, I heard small team from Kemenhumkam to review that plan, so I demand to head of regional office to always supervise that process,” addec him. Last, the first man of Bali also reminded  to increase the supervise in prison, don’t let circulation of drugs increase in prison, or even there is no riots again like last year, because it really strikes Bali’s tourism image.
Previously IB Ketut Adnyana the newly head since this October, reported to Governor some immigration programs. Related to immigration system, his party has established Foreigner Controling Team which is in charge to oversea all foreigners enter Bali. It could be seen by legal action for foreigners in 2015 reached to 456 cases, and until September 2016 reached to 235 cases, including the hot news of trapping Thailand’s DJ Katty Butterfly. In the gateway, in Ngurah Rai International Airport, immigration has rejected about 644 tourists in 2015 and reached to 400 tourist caused by many things. Regarding to estortion practice in the organisation, his party has established internal team in order to oversea the performance of staffs as a positive response the Ministry for that Presidensial Decree. Regarding the drug’s circulation, his party together with National Anty Narcotics Agency (BNN) also conducts sweeping and inspection around prison. Nowadays there are 58 convict who are rehabilitated in Bangli prison. Meanwhile related to Governor suggestion about kerobokan prison, he promhised will coordinate as well as joint to oversea that process.
Meanwhile other things that ware reported including the establsihment of Legal Aid Organisation (OBH) by regional office of Ministry of Law and Human Right. That organisation is funded by state budget in order to aid poor society getting legal aid. “State budget funds fee cases per session about five million,” added IB Ketut Adnyana.And the last,  he repported the succesfull of Bali in winning the competition of 2016 Legal Warness of Family,

Read: 348 Readers

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