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http://birohumas.baliprov.go.id/ - Jumat, 07 Oktober 2016
To Facilitate the Farmers, Pastika Arouses the Awareness of Tourism Players
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika expected dollar gained from tourism sector is also able to be enjoyed by the farmers. To realize that, Pastika aroused the tourism players especially for hotel’s managers to use local product which produced by local farmers. That expectation was conveyed by Pastika on the 2016 World Tourism Day which conducted in Ballroom Dixcovery Kartika Plaza Holet, on Saturday (1/10).
According to Pastika, the apprehension on farmer’s condition nowadays has been conveyed by the experts. They opine agriculture is more threatened because of lack interest. “I’m concerned the agriculture has been abandoned. The reason is dirty, not prestigious, and unpromising as well. Let’s ask, which parents would theis children being a farmer,” said him. On the other side, there is a perception that tourism causes the decrease of interest on agriculture sector. “Young generation are more interested to work in hotel than being a farmer,” added him. So agriculture sector is more abandoned and land conversion is inevitable.
We have to solve that problem. Pastika said apprehension and theory are not enough to raise our agriculture sector. We need a concrete action and also involve all parties, especially from tourism sector. Related to that problem, Governor Pastika appreciated the concrete step of Tri Hita Karana (THK) foundation. Through their programs, the foundation has connected the interest between farmers with hotel and restaurant managers. Some effort could be shown from the involvement of farmer on 2016 World Tourism Day which is initiated by THK. "I appreciate the idea of committee to make the event becomes a momentum to bridge the farmers and craftsmen with hotel’s management as well as with tourism’s association,” said him. He expected the similar event is able to conduct in order to synchronize the interest of farmers and management of tourism accommodation. Therefore, he is optimistic there will be more local farmer product which is absorbed in tourism industry. Pastika added, besides got a benefit economically, the using of local product also good for our healthy. According to Pastika, nowadays many local farmers has cultivated organic product. “And of course free of preservatives component,” concluded him.
For the future, Pastika expected there will be more intensive communication between farmer and hotel. "So the farmer increasingly understand the standard of hotel’s need. And vice versa, hotel also know what farmer want,” explained him. Besides prioritize in local product, he also recommended to invite agricultural experts to deliver the knowledge for farmers. And others side, Pastika stressed the important of technology for agriculture sector. He was sure, the implementation of technology will make this sector is increasingly interested. "Technology will reduce the risk in hot and dirty, and of course is able to double the production,” said him.
Meanwhile head of committee I Gusti Ngurah Wisnu Wardana said the event aims to give a significant rule for tourism sector in order to support the development of economy, social and politic. Especially for Bali, its party makes this international event’s moment to push the involvement among farmers and craftsmen. “We expected the event will provide a positive interaction among tourism players with farmers and craftsmen in order to increase people welfare,” added him. 2016 World Tourism Day was also attended by tourism’s association as well as stake holder. Governor Pastika who was also accompanied by head of PR Agency of Bali provincial government I Dewa Gede Mahendra Putra and Inspector of Bali Provincial Government Drs. I Ketut Teneng also reviewed the exhibition by group of farmers and craftsmen.

Read: 1518 Readers

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