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News Detail - Rabu, 11 Mei 2016
Bali Provincial Government Gives a Positive Response on the Development of Sea Tourism
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

Bali provincial government gives a positive response on central government plan in developing sea tourism in Indonesia. With 430 km of coastline, Bali has big potential as a sea tourism region. Some efforts have been conducted by Bali provincial government in order to get additional income sourced by that sector, like the improvement of infrastructure and promotion. It was revealed by vice governor of Bali, Ketut Sudikerta, while represented governor of Bali in meeting with Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Arief Yahya. That meeting discussed about the evaluation of acceleration the development of sea tourism, in Golden Tulip Bay View hotel, Unggasan, Badung, on Monday (9/5). According to him, government has developed Amed with underwater object, and Teluk Benoa, Tanah Ampo and Celukan Bawang developed for the international standard bay. "We have targeted to make bays in Bali as favorized berth for cruises come from around the world. It will boost our local revenue,” stated him. So Bali needs more budget to improve and add any supported infrastructure, even we has improved the infrastructure heading to tourism destination. Furthermore, he suggested conducting a massive promotion about Indonesian sea potential, especially owned by Bali. "We can conduct an international event in our territory, and we also invite the ministry to participate,” added him.
Beside developing bay, sea tourism developing also targets the exploitation of Bali’s underwater flora and fauna. Some region in Bali which has that potential are Karangasem, Benoa and Nusa Penida. "We will sell some tourism activity like sunbathing, swimming, parasailing, cruise, fishing, marine parks and others attractions,” explained Sudikerta. On that occasion, Sudikerta also mentioned the plan of new airport developing in Northern part of Bali. "We have chosen the location, and it will be planned above sea building. So we need the support to smooth that plan,” concluded him.
Menawhile Minister of Tourism of Indonesia, Dr. Arief Yahya, explained the developing of sea water is a follow-up after the declaration of Indonesia as world maritime shaft. According to him, Indonesia has 5,8 million of sea wide or about 75% of total area of Indonesia. It makes Indonesia has many potentials to be exploited and assumed will boost our state budget. "With a well management, sea tourism is estimated gain about US 1,2 trillion per year or about 7 times of 2015 state budget which is about US 170 billion or IDR 2.000 trillion,” revealed him. For example in bay development for cruise, he regretted the small revenue from cruise berth in Indonesia. "We get only US 137 million a year, it just a tenth of Malaysia revenue or one thirty of Singapore got. With wider and well potential owned by Indonesia, that number does not make sense. This is an example a good potential executed with bad perform,” stated him. To develop these plans, he added that Indonesia needs careful planning. Arif Yahya pressed three things should be considered, such as global standard, benchmark to guide the development will be right on target as well as should inclose valid datas.
Furthermore, Minister of tourism also explained sea tourism concept should consider some things like condition of beach, seascapes, and under water’s condition. "We develop these three concepts in order to develop the right tourism destination and can interact the tourism,” added him. On that occasion, he also revealed the obstacles face the project, for example complicated regulation, as well as many hotels and restaurants built hinder the seascape. "I sent the letter to regional head to publish the regulation which is prohibiting build hotel or restaurant hinder seascape,” added him. The most important to smooth the project is a massive promotion. So, Minister Arif Yahya will spend lot of money to promote that tourism, as well as will conduct many international events like yacht sail.
That meeting also attended by related institution like immigration staff, angkasa pura (official to manage airport in Indonesia), Minister of marine and Fishier, Minister of Work Public as well as practitioners in tourism sector. Through the meeting was expected the right planning will be decided in order to smooth the development of sea tourism.

Read: 2302 Readers

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