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News Detail - Sabtu, 16 April 2016
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Writer: Biro Humas Setda Prov Bal

Bali governor, Made Mangku Pastika, conveyed that Bali provincial government has a commitment to integrate and harmonize all development direction among local government and central government. He stated in the opening of 2016 community consultations on development planning (Musrenbang) of Bali province in Wiswa Sabha hall, Tuesday (12/4). In event which also attended by Minister of House Affair, Tjahjo Kumolo, Pastika stated the same perception through all stake holders will be achieved in this musrenbang. He added, we can not denied the success of our development is still in local sector and has not been integrated into national and provincial program as well. So, Pastika expected the planning which is very important for our development will be designed as well as possible in that meeting. “I expected in thin musrenbang, we can design the development program integratedly, based on the rpiority, with a concrete target and outcome, as well as the implementation should be right on target and can touch all community,” explained him.

On that occassion, Pastika also explained that Bali Mandara program owned by Bali orivincial government has been integrated with Nawacita, the name program of central government. According to him, there are 10 priority programs of Bali provincial government which is in line with nawacita, such us in bureaucracy reform, poverty alleviation, health, education social and culture security and infrastructure fields. Pastika gave an exemple, one of Nawacita program which development begins from village, has been realized through Gerbangsadu Mandara program. One of empowerment village program aims to improve the communities economy, and has been distributed to 217 villages with 20% of poverty value. According to him, the program has improved the life quality of villagers, besides others implemented program including JKBM, Simantri, House renovation programs. He also commited to always refer to nawacita program for new program which will be designed on this musrenbang. He expected, Minister Tjahjo Kumolo can advise all participants of Musrenbang in avhieving the agreement for development of Bali.

Meanwhile, in line with Pastika’s statement, Minister Tjahjo Kumolo stated the important integration of development both from village level and central level. He pressed that no more overlapping program, because it is waste one. Tjahjo Kumolo also delivered the statement of President of RI, there are 42.633 overlapped regulations and about 3.000 problematic local regulation. Responding that problem, he said that had revoked about 800 regulation of 2.933 problematic regulation, including Minister Rule, Minister Decree and Minister Instruction. That way choosen, because many regulations which hamper the beaurocracie, investemnet, and overlapping as well. These regulations are also not accordence with the higher low.

he also reminded all participants to avoid these conditions. He added, this musrenbang could become a momentum in planning the concrete, measurable and be right on target program. A goof planning should be followed by a good budgeting as well. “So in the next budgeting process, I want a clear design, how much do you need and what for these money are,” added him. To all head of government, regents, mayor and governor as well, Tjahjo Kumolo instructed to follow the central government program. “Moreover, only governor attending next national musrenbang in Jakarta. Contrast to last musrenbang, regents and mayor are not necessary, that we call as hierarchy,” stated him. Besides that, in planning local development, local government not only involves DPRD, but also should together with local leader communication forum (forkompinda), senators and members of representative who elected by Balinese voters, as well as religious and public figurs. Through the agreement and advise by all parties in this musrenbang, Pastika expected the concrete development could be designed as well as to avoid the overlapping.

On that occassion, Head of Bappeda of Bali, Putu Astawa, repported that his agency which occoupying the planning one in Bali provincial government always tries to make the disigned plannig becomes a direction of development, to minimize the uncertainty as well as to become a media of coordination. The agency also becomes a media to designed the qualified planning even in regencies and city governemnt. He also added, legal basis of this musrenbang are law no 25 in year 2004, code of national development planning system, President Decree No 8 in year 2008, code of  Steps and Procedures of Designating, Controling and Evaluation Development Planning, Ministry of House Affair Regulation no 54 in year 2010 code of Implementation of President Decree no 8 in year 2008, and Bali Provincial Regulation no 1 in year 2014, code of Designating of RPJMD (local medium-term development planning) for year 2013 – 2018.

On that occassion, also haned over the award of 2016 Pangripta Nusantara (award for the best planning designating) in province level. The awards were achieved by Denpasar City as a winner, Karangasem as a runner up and the 2nd runner up is Gianyar. Tropies and awards were handed over by governor of Bali, accompagnied by vice of head of DPRD, Nyoman Sugawa Kori. In this musrenbang, presented the speaker from representative of Minister of Natioal Development Planning, Deputy of Economy, Leo Tampubolon, and head of development and budgeting beureu for the Ministry of health, Dr. Selamet, MHP.

That event also attended by secretary of Bali provincial governement, Cok Pemayun, regents and mayor troughout Bali, senators and member of house of representatives from Bali, member Bali Leaders Coordination Forum, head of Agencies of Bali provincial government as well as religions and public figures. 

Read: 2145 Readers

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